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With the mission ALWAYS IN TOUCH this is a service for aftermarket logistics, automotive supply chain activities and logistic automotive productions.

TDV Road Freight division where our customers have:

1) 24H Following-up via our TDV Web Portal

Anytime,Anywhere and Everywhere our customer can use their online access to follow-up their shipment’s position in real time.

2) Special Account Manager 24h per day

Dedicated Account Manager available 24h per day.

3) Operations follow-up

Every time of the day our operations can rely in our IT Systems to see All the jobs in progress and ETA to deliver.

4) Dedicated Collections and Deliveries

5) StandTrailers available to allow loading on time



At TDV we are fully online and we deliver your brand to your customer.

We offer to your customer a full customer experience, where your Online Store is integrated with our systems. Customers shop what they want, book it online with you and will receive the goods at the comfort of their homes.

Behind this service TDV runs with the customer a Stock Status per each product.

TDV can also offer packaging and last mile delivery. Ask our team for more information.


Special hanling and understanding of the Furniture shipment to Businesses, Residences and Exhibitions. Specialized in fragile, time critical special shipments, our Furniture division has reliable expertise and adapted solutions. Contract furniture project or e-Commerce furniture shipment, our division will cover your needs.

From sourcing to last kilometer delivery, a unique solution by air, road and sea, with a worlwide network. We handle from / to any country in Europe, dedicated express vans, the fastest and safest transportation mode for Furniture. Available around the clock.

TDV Group Solutions Furniture
TDV Group Solutions Industry


This challenging market requires a logistic partner with specialized and motivated personnel and with logistics means to offer you a quality, cost effective and always in touch service. Our Warehouses are fully equiped with IT and Infrascrtutures to make a just on time logistics happen.

Dangerous Goods

With an Inhouse ADR Safety Adviser at TDV you can always find the way to better pack your hazardous goods, to better ship your them and to make sure all documentation is ok to go.

UK Freight Specialists

At TDV we offer a full service from Portugal to UK from 1 box to a full load TDV can deal with best transport solution, advicing you in terms of customs requirements, dealing with customs in Portugal and customs in UK.

How we can offer you the best transport solutions
Our Road Freight division offers daily departures to the UK. Our wide range of partners in the UK allow us to have a solution to every part of England, Wales and Scotland.

TDV Bonded Warehouse in Portugal

In Portugal, our Vagos warehouse is a fully equipped warehouse with a 1250 square meter area just for customs. This allows us to have customs cleared very quickly and get goods in UK without any delays.

TDV Bonded Warehouse in the UK
In the UK our agent in West Thurrock runs the same services than TDV in Portugal, which allows us for no delays crossing to the UK.

Choose TDV Road Freight or TDV Sea Freight to the UK. Choose road or sea, or combine both. Regardless of which modality you choose we offer you a competitive solution.

Solutions UK Freight Specialists

Special Projects

TDV runs special projects with their customers, we just need to know what you need and we will offer you a Solution.

Case Study #1: Building a Production Site in the UK

TDV together with his customer and the customer suppliers has moved 240 shipments in 6 months from Portugal to UK.

How have we done it?

This job has been done by our TDV specialists in Special Projects. They’ve had meetings where, together with customer and supplier, loading plans and the pieces’ design were analysed, the transport options in Portugal, in the UK were checked and, of course, a full plan to get the goods delivered was offered.

We have made the consolidation and delivery of 175 Containers. This special project required 45’HCPW Containers, 45’HC Open Top Containers and 20’ Containers.

As other goods where urgent TDV at same time ran express vans and full trailer loads to the destination, in order to make sure everything would be delivered on time.

Case Study #2: Getting a Power Generator to the Faro's Lighthouse

TDV has arranged the transport from Aveiro to Faro and from Faro to Aveiro. This transport service was needed in order to provide the Faro's Lighthouse with a power generator to allow it to work properly. The transport service consisted in a visit by TDV personnel to the island where the lighthouse is located in order to find out all the needs and restrictions.

Power generator transport map
Power generator

TDV has arranged the transport from Aveiro to the Faro Depot then arranged the transport by sea with a crane to take the generator to the island. All the documentation and authorities authorizations have been arranged by TDV.

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