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Quality and Environment Management

Why did we decide to implement a Quality and Environment Management system at TDV Group – Transportes do Valado?

Why did we invest in certification in this year of constant constraints and challenges?

Quality Management System

The Quality Management System is a management system to direct and control an organization with regard to quality, that is, oriented to give customers what they want and increase their satisfaction. The ISO9001 standard was developed to support Organizations, of any type and size, in the implementation and management of effective quality systems.

Environment Management System

The Environmental Management System is a management system used to manage environmental aspects, fulfil compliance obligations and address risks and opportunities. The ISO 14001 standard affects all aspects of an organization’s management of its environmental responsibilities and helps organizations to systematically address environmental issues, with the aim of improving environmental performance, while increasing opportunities for economic benefit.

TDV GROUP – TRANSPORTES DO VALADO, in its 35 years of existence, has guided its growth by a careful and innovative strategy always with the perspective of giving its customers, suppliers and employees an extra reason to stay with us on this long and challenging journey.

TDV Group's Vagos warehouse


Certification by ISO 9001 e ISO 14001 is one more challenge to add to so many others and is, at the same time, a way to continue assuring security to all who accompany us. It is a present bet on the future of TDV Group – Transportes do Valado.

These two years were hard and challenging for everyone. These were years of constant overcoming and discovery of new ways of working. They were also years that allowed us to realize how important teamwork is and how effective communication between everyone is essential for a company to function.

By advancing with this certification, we guarantee that all processes have a common thread, that all work is organized in the same way in the various departments of the TDV Group-Transportes do Valado and that the entire business is structured in an appropriate and perceptible way for any new element that becomes part of our team.

With ISO9001, it became clearer how dependent we are on each other’s work, while realizing, as a team that we are, that work can only be done if there is organization, clarity and supporting documentation. This was the main benefit of implementing ISO9001: the recognition that collaboration between all is essential for the development and growth of a motivated, multidisciplinary and active work team.. ISO 14001 allowed us to develop our environmental awareness in a perspective of constant improvement of processes and attitudes.

Is it easy to change consciences and ways of working? No. But with everyone’s commitment and dedication, everything can be done and we will get there.

Our team is, as we like to say, a family. And like any family it has its weaknesses and strengths and recognizes threats and opportunities.

With ISO 9001 and ISO14001, we learned to analyse all these aspects and put them in our favour in a perspective of continuous improvement and continuous communication. At TDV Group – Transportes do Valado, we are all “always in touch” and ready for new challenges.

Sandra Pereira

Quality and Environmental Manager

TDV Group