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Getting a Power Generator to the Faro’s Lighthouse Island

Welcome to this TDV Group Success Story, this time about getting a power generator to a very hard to reach location! The Faro’s lighthouse!

This special project took place in Portugal. TDV has arranged the transport from Aveiro to Faro and then from Faro back to Aveiro. This transport service was needed in order to provide electricity to the Faro’s Lighthouse, allowing it to work properly.

This transport service started with a visit by the TDV personnel to the island where the lighthouse was located, in order to find out all the needs and restrictions.

TDV transported the power generator from Aveiro to the Faro’s Depot and then arranged the transport by sea, with a crane, to take the generator into the island.

All the documentation and authorizations have been arranged by TDV with the local authorities and the project was very successful!

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TDV Group