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Building a Production Site in the UK

Welcome to one more TDV Success Story! Today we’ll share with you how we’ve managed to transport, from Portugal to the UK, the freight needed to build an entire production site!

Together with our customer and our customer’s suppliers we’ve moved 240 shipments in 6 months from Portugal to the UK.

How have we done it?

This project was done by our TDV specialists in Special Projects.

Our specialists had meetings with our customer and it’s suppliers where everything was analysed in maximum details. The loading plans, the pieces’s design, the transport options in Portugal and the transport options in the UK. And finally, at the end, we’ve offered a full plan to get the goods delivered.

We have made the consolidation and delivery of 175 Containers. This special project required 45’HCPW Containers, 45’HC Open Top Containers and 20’ Containers.

Production site freight delivered!

As other goods were urgent, TDV ran express vans and full trailer loads to the destination at the same time as the containers, in order to make sure everything would be delivered on time.

This project was a true success, the production site was built and our special projects’s team got even more knowledgeable and experienced!

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