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We are all about transportation! TDV Group has been transporting goods since 1977. We have grown from humble beginnings into an international transport company.
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Mission & Values

Our mission at TDV Group is to make freight transport safe and effective while mantaining full transparency of operations, being “Always in Touch”. Our vision is to become one of the Main Portuguese Transport and Logistics Operators, offering global solutions, supported by state of the art IT solutions.

Our History

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  1. Armando e Bertina

    The beginning

    Our story began in the summer of 1977. Armando Lopes Pereira and Maria Bertina Branca Calado Pereira arrived from Angola in 1975 and established themselves in Valado dos Frades. They soon realized that there were many farmers in Valado and the surroundings that needed solutions to have their products sold in the market in Lisbon. They founded the company Transportes Armando Pereira with the objective of providing the transport of vegetables from the village of Valado dos Frades to the Supply market of Lisbon. The business at the time proved to be quite innovative, an innovation that guides the growth, over the years, of Transportes do Valado.
  2. Alvará TDV 1986

    Transportes Rodoviários de Mercadorias do Valado Lda

    The name of the company was changed to Transportes Rodoviários de Mercadorias do Valado, Lda and this name was used up until 2021. From this date, with only 2 TIR vehicles, the company begins to dedicate itself exclusively to the international transport of goods.
  3. About us - freight trucks

    Fleet growth

    The company now has 10 heavy goods vehicles.
  4. Headquarters expansion

    The company already has 17 heavy goods vehicles. The partners felt the need to acquire a new space that would allow to adapt the response to the level of demand of the clients. This new space allows, nowadays, all the maintenance of the fleet to be made in the best possible way. From 1986 to 2002 fleet renewals have been constant in order to guarantee an average age of 4 years.
  5. Severe Crisis

    A new pavilion was constructed to allow the storage of general goods. A serious crisis shaked the transport sector. However, the company continued to strengthen, always betting on growth, as, despite the severe crisis that shook the freight transport sector, it was the partners’ option to increase its fleet to a total of 27 vehicles.
  6. Betting on Less Than Truck Load

    The company maintains its bet on LTL to and from the UK by opening a cross-docking warehouse in Estarreja.
  7. Overall growth

    The company continues to grow in terms of structure and, thanks to the growing commitment to the company’s human resources, it is now possible to offer new transport solutions. On this date the fleet has a total of 72 vehicles.
  8. Internationalization and IT

    Transportes do Valado starts operating weekly Multi-Modal services to and from the UK via Portugal and Spain. Year of major changes at IT level, with a strong and thoughtful commitment to internationalization through the opening of a warehouse in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain, and another in West Thurrock, England.
  9. Foto aérea da frota de camiões do TDV Group em Valado dos Frades

    A new total of 86 vehicles

    The partners decided to close Estarreja warehouse. Opening of a cross-docking warehouse in Vagos. On this date the fleet has a total of 86 vehicles.
  10. Caso de sucesso SAP Business One

    The arrival of SAP Business One

    Implementation of a new ERP SAP Business One with Transport Management vertical. This “always in touch” IT solution allows for complete transparency of processes as well as real-time communication. Opening of the Container Carrier and Sea Freight Service. Click to discover our Sucess Story
  11. GLS partnership

    ISO & GLS partnership

    Implementation of the Quality Management System according to NP EN ISO 9001:2015. Implementation of the Environmental Management System according to NP EN ISO 14001:2015. Partnership with GLS for distribution of packaging at national and international level. On this date the fleet already has more than 100 vehicles.
  12. World Map TDV Group Brands

    Rebranding and new sub-brands

    Corporate rebranding and launching of TDV Group – Transport & Logistics, wich includes the sub-brands: TDV Group – Road Freight TDV Group – Distibution & Warehousing TDV Group Parcels TDV Group Sea and Air Freight
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We are constantly investing in new vehicles to provide the best service to our customers and confort to our drivers. TDV Group Parcels



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We strongly support best practice sharing across our operations around the world and across various industrial sectors.


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We transport freight all over the world.

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Quality and Environment Policy

TDV Group is dedicated to the national and international transport of general, dangerous, packaged and temperature-controlled goods, and its mission is to transport its customers’s goods, complying with all safety and environmental standards, quickly and effectively, promoting the transparency of operations. TDV Group is commited to comply with all requirements applicable to it’s activities and services, including environmental compliance obligations and to continuously improve the Quality and Environment Management System implemented in accordance with the NP EN ISO 9001: 2015 (HQ, Valado dos Frades Warehouses and Vagos) and NP EN ISO 14001:2015 (Vagos Warehouse). TDV Group cares about providing it’s services in a sustainable manner and, therefore, is committed to protecting the environment and preventing pollution caused by it’s activity. TDV Group’s strategy is based on: This Policy thus represents the determined commitment of the top management of TDV Group, in order to meet the goals and objectives related to the Quality and Environment Management System, ensuring business continuity and better Environmental performance. TDV Group makes it’s Policy available to all interested parties, in accordance with it’s communication channels.


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