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35 Years in The Business: A Glimpse at our History

The Path…

A lot to say about these past 35 years of history and hard work for all – TDV Family – from Founders to Associates and Employees, all of us have been a very IMPORTANT part of what we are today. It has been an hard path with many tears, lots of smiles, between successes and obstacles, we know today that we are neither less neither more than the sum of all our actions. AND WHAT BEAUTIFUL ACTIONS!!

A Flashback from our History…

I remember from my childhood, the “Logistics” used in everyday life, where bags of green beans, carrots, cabbage and other vegetables were waiting in the street for “Mr. Armando Pereira’s” truck arrival. At the time, loading was carried out efficiently with a crane and, of course, also human power… Merchandise loaded, truck ready to departure to Lisbon in the hand of the very attentive Mr. Júlio.

Thus, we can say that Distribution and Logistics have been in the DNA of Transportes do Valado – TDV Group – for over 35 years. After two generations, TDV has always guaranteed its customers the highest parameters of Trust and Transparency, revealing itself as a transport partner for all its customers. The journey has began with the first customers, farmers and ceramists from Valado dos Frades, who needed to place their products at the final destination. To those whom we are deeply grateful, a big THANK YOU for their trust.

Nowadays, uff! nowadays…

Everyday we are writing TDV Group’s new history. Now everything is different, however, our essence remains the same!

Through the most advanced technological systems, at TDV everything is just a click away, as the entire structure of TDV is “Always in Touch”.

We hope that in the following thirty five years the Second Generation will have done their jobs as well or better than the first one.

To the third generation, I challenge you to surpass yourselves every day and make TDV always Better!

Rui Pereira
Armando e Bertina
Armando Pereira, fundador dos Transportes do Valado
Transportes do Valado
TDV Group